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1-18-2015 - Clare Bowen editorial shoot for "Cowgirl Magazine".

On October 19th, 2014 there was a knock on my hotel room door. I was staying at the Hermitage Hotel, in downtown Nashville, across the street from the Great State of Tennessee's capitol building. I got up, opened the door and there was a slim and very attractive young woman. As we shoot hands she said that she was Clare Bowen and thanked me "for doing this" (the photo shoot for "Cowgirl Magazine".) I replied that I was delighted that she was here and proceeded to show her my producer's hotel room where the festivities would start.

Clare's make up and hair styling crew were waiting to begin the light work that Clare needed. I say "Light Work" because she look pretty good to me as she was standing barefoot in the hotel hallway. While Clare was being attended to by her wonderful crew, my wardrobe stylist then looked at both what Clare brought plus what "Cowgirl Magazine" had sent and put together ideas of what went with what. It was ultimately up to what Clare wanted to wear and we went with her decisions. The reality is Clare could have closed her eyes and no matter where she pointed, that look would have been just fine. Clare has good taste in clothes and the magazine send some stunning wardrobe too.

In the mean time my assisting crew started to assemble the items I thought I might need for the shoot. When I got a call from Vicki letting me know that the hair and makeup team said there was about 30 minutes left before Clare would be ready, I asked my crew to move all of the gear downstairs to the grand lobby in the Hermitage Hotel.

I went to the lobby and showed my team what I wanted and then went back upstairs to Vicki's room because she called me to let me know I could look at the hair and makeup to be sure it was what I was looking for, which it was. The first image we shot was at the grand piano. I elected to shoot this first due to a wedding being conducted in a room just past the piano. I had about 25 minutes to set up, adjust, modify the light and shoot before the wedding guests were to start arriving. So everyone had to get the hitch out of their get-along... and we did just that.

The next look was on a dark green couch in the lobby. We then shot another look on the mezzanine, next to where Minnesota Fats, who lived in the hotel for years, had his pool table set up while he plied his trade. After this shot we went to lunch followed by a short drive to where Clare had her horse boarded to finish the day's shoot.

You can see all of these images here and some behind the scenes photos too.

9-14-2014 - This fashion editorial was shot for "Cowgirl Magazine" in and near Milan, Italy. We started shooting on the side of Stazione Centrale, (Central Station) Milan's main international train station. It is the B&W image with the model standing in front of a large metal door with a sign "Passo Carrabile" (Driveway). We are actually beside the tracks about mile from the station. When the station was constructed they elevated the tracks so they could have under track passageways for traffic. It is actually a series of arches making up the bridge. The Italians put doors at each end of these arches, closing them off to people, and they rent them out as raw space. This was in front of a fresh fish delivery garage.

From there we moved to a farm that has been allowed to lie fallow. It is a great location with many different "Looks" just by turning around or walking a few feet.

7-21-2014 - Cruise ship image/video. As an advertising image maker, I am frequently called on to create something interesting and memorable, even if the scene and light is less than memorable. This was one of these times. I arrived arrived at the Naples train station from Milan with my crew and we were on our way to Sorrento, where we were booked for a 4 day video shoot. The client later expanded this to 6 days which we all were happy about, more great food from the Sorrentine Peninsula! Part of what they wanted us to do is to shoot a cruise ship in the Naples harbor.

Fine, except there was no way to get to where I needed to be due to security. I started to look around and I saw something on the opposite side of the dock. I asked our driver if he could drive us there. He said he would try so we got into the van and off we went. As soon as we got as close, we jumped out of the van with my gear and while I started to set up I pointed to where I wanted to be and asked Emiliano, my lead assistant in Europe, to find out if he could get there. I started to shoot and in 2 minutes Emiliano is calling for me, standing where I want to be. He shouts how to get there so I grab all of the gear and start walking toward the spot. Emiliano doubled back and met me about halfway there to help with the gear and the first thing I do is grab a few shots while Emiliano sets up the other tripod close to the water. He then sets up another body with a 24-70mm Canon zoom lens and plugs in the intervalometer set to one frame every second and calls me over to set the framing. After I look and make a slight adjustment, I start the intervalometer I then go back shooting other imagery and video. Go here to see the video and other imagery with explaination of how I got these images.

7-17-2014 - This video was shot for an Italian tourism client in Sorrento, Italy as apart of their marketing campaign. This is a bakery in the town Piano di Sorrento. It is operated by 2 brothers and a cousin and in the 30 minutes we had to shoot they were working non stop. In the opening photo is a loaf of bread with a couple of handfuls of finely chopped ham and the entire crew enjoyed this delight. They also brought out cinnamon rolls, and something they call a Cartucce, (Cartridge, as in shotgun) which is a small round pastry, about the size of a U.S. quarter or a €1 coin, with lemon zest baked into it.

While we are packing up and chowing down on these delights, they brought out a long slender Almond pastry which they then took a knife and cut up into finger sized slices. That was wonderful too. It is Bisscotti, but only cooked once. Bisscotti is crunchy and crumbles when eaten or dropped, but in order to cut it into a bite sized morsel, you need to remove it from the oven to cut it into the proper size and then return it to the oven to finish baking it. The crew consumed this too with equal delight and when we left, only a few small crumbs were left.

7-14-2014 - This 1935 Caproni CA 100 biplane on floats was shot over 2 different days, both in late afternoon. The still images not taken in the water, were shot inside the hangar with the aircraft positioned just out of the direct sunlight, allowing Steve to use the sky as a giant light source. When the sun started to get too close Steve just pushed the plane back into the hangar a bit.

The lake photos were shot about 2 weeks later and Steve waited until the sun was covered by clouds. The Como Aero Club provided the man power to launch the aircraft and then position it with the angles Steve needed.

3-21-2014 - This aviation image of a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 was shot using a Canon digital camera and a 400mm f2.8 Canon lens with a 1.4 extender. With the jet engines running plus at this time of day it is close to 80 degrees, the tarmac is heating up, giving the mirage shimmer. The long focal length of 560mm, compresses the field and helps to separates the plane visually from the background by having a narrow depth of field, or in other words, having a limited area that is in focus.

3-14-2014 - This fashion editorial style image was shot on a chilly and windy February afternoon. We had an assistant just out of frame with the model's coat so we could try and keep her warm when we were setting up, changing positions or changing batteries on the Hensel Porty pack. We used all 1200 watt seconds (Joules) of power and was pumping this light into a Broncolor Para 88 focused for maximum distance. Due to wanting to get the model warm, I only shot 50+ images in 20 minutes, having to wait for the pack to recycle to full power and this included having to stop and dispatch a fleet footed assistant to locate and retrieve a freshly charged Li-on battery from the equipment van. One of my assistants "Volunteered" to carry Annabell to and from her perch, such gentlemen I am surround by!

2-4-2014 - Eiffel Tower, Tour Eiffel, Paris, France - Shot on a cold January night. Gear: Canon 5D MKIII camera with a 8mm to 15mm fisheye f4 zoom lens.

1-29-2014 - This editorial lingerie image was shot inside the Marriott Hotel on The Avenue des Champs-Élysées, Paris, France, room number Four Twenty something. (I know the number... I'm just trying to protect the innocent.)

12-4-2013 - This multimedia personal project is a light and shadow study of a date palm's stripped fruit cluster. On some of the video you can see where the dates were attached before being picked. The easiest is in the opening image, on the left, all of the round "buds" are where a date was growing.

I was just outside of Palm Springs, California on a portrait project, both still images as well as video, and one of the locations I used was in a date palm grove. After shooting Ronnie in his recording studio, we loaded the required gear into the car and we drove to the location, the sun was about 30 minutes away from dropping behind a mountain. We got the gear out of the rental car and set up quickly. In addition Ronnie's publicist wanted three changes of wardrobe, meaning everyone had to hurry.

After the session was over the crew & I dissembled the gear and packed up. After everything was packed and in the car, I performed my "Idiot Check", this is a phrase I use that means after everyone thinks we have packed everything, someone, or several some ones, will walk everywhere we were to be sure we did not leave anything by mistake, this includes any cans or paper we dropped.

When we first arrived I was totally focused on setting up, balancing the sunlight with the strobe light, getting Ronnie on his spot, shooting images quickly and making the necessary wardrobe changes. So I did not have any extra time to do any "sight seeing". On my walk looking for forgotten equipment, I noticed this palm fruit stalk laying on the ground and thought it really looked very cool, so I picked it up, put it into the car and brought it back to LA that night. I had shot a project for a boot manufacturer a few days before and I had an empty boot box left over, so I put the stripped fruit stalk into the box, which went into the suitcase and home it went.

12-3-2013 - The hardest part of shooting this Cowboy Advertising image was finding a spot to set my camera bag down. It was hailing pea sized ice and raining so hard that anywhere flat was 1" deep in water and on a slope it was a river. I finally found a tree root I was able to balance the bag on.

The downward streaks you see are not likely rain, but the hail, due to their large size, being white and not transparent. I am glad I had my cowboy hat on because we both are getting pelted. With the exception of the rain in a hurricane, mostly running sideways, this is the most rain and hail I have been in. We shot 67 images in 5 minutes and quit when lighting started to get too close for comfort. We then went back and I went into the office where they had a wood burning stove to not only dry myself off, but to dry off the camera bag, the camera and the lenses.

11-20-2013 - Editorial Aviation and Aerospace imagery - Steve was contacted by a European aviation magazine to take a photo for the cover. The magazine contacted a large MRO facility for permission to shoot and Steve, along with his lead assistant, traveled there and then were given a tour of the facility. Both of them brought cameras to capture "Scouting" photos. This way they could be reviewed to generate a shot list of ideas to be considered.

10-3-2013 - Advertising Aviation and Aerospace imagery: Unlike other photographers, I always try to look at an item with an artistic eye. It is my Vision which allows me to take an item and transform it into something the engineers never thought about. In this image of a compressor blade, I tried to show that even though this is made from a block of metal, that due to it's shape and form it can be photographed in a way that renders it as a piece of art and not what it really is, a compressor blade.

10-2-2013 - Steve, along with his styling and assisting crew, shot this Fashion editorial project video in Milan, Italy 10 days ago. This location is about one half a mile (800 meters) from the Milano Duomo, the main cathedral. The video was shot both on a tripod and using a Steadicam. Steve had shot 2 other projects in the morning and had scheduled the model used in this project to arrive at 12:30 p.m. But she was about 2½ hours late due to the job she modeled for in the morning running long.

7-16-2013 - This Fashion Editorial Project is a mix of video & stills shot on an abandoned farm just outside of Milan, Italy. The normal challenge of any mixed media project is get enough still images to choose from & then have enough time to also shoot video. The "Problem" with creating the still images is, I am creating a slice of life at 1/1000 of one second. So eyes can be shut, the mouth could look strange, the hands may not look pretty, the feet might be in transition etc.

On this "look" I shot a total of 110 images plus 5 video clips having a total of 1 minute 5 seconds run time. Some of the video was shot with the camera on a tripod, the others were shot using a Steadicam. Including the occasional pauses for hair and makeup corrections or the wardrobe stylist making adjustments, the total time on set, shooting stills & video, was 15 minutes. If you have ever been on a shoot where a Steadicam is being used, you know there is a fair amount of time "Trimming and re-trimming" the apparatus, even a mild breeze causes issues and now you have a situation where not just the talent is moving but also the photographer is moving.

In this case Samara relates, projects to the camera and moves so well it was easy because there were so many great images to choose from, and I knew this just by watching her work through my cameras. A lot of clients just do not get why a model is so important, they think they just need a pretty person (male or female) and that is it. Even within professional models there are exceptional models next to average models, just like lawyers, hairstylists, doctors and photographers. When I get a great model to work with, I spend less time on each look allowing the client to get a lot of great images to choose from as well as getting a lot of production in a day, or allowing my team and me develop an idea and not to be concerned if we "Got the Shot".

If I had an "average" professional model, I may have had to shoot for an hour, or more, and still not get what I did with Samara in 15 minutes. This is the difference.

4-19-2013 - This Underwater Aviation image is an assembly of 2 images, the water, palm tree & condo is one, the plane, sky and clouds is the other.

2-16-2013 - This Editorial Fashion style image was shot in the Southern California desert about a 90 minute drive from LA. This image contains non-graphic female nudity shot from her back, if this will be offensive to you, please do not look at it.

1-16-2013 - This Advertising Fashion Image was shot in downtown Denver, Colorado on a cold (6° F - minus 14.5° C) windy night. I had scouted the area the morning of the shoot to find a steam vent that was not in the middle of an intersection or in the middle of the street. This vent was off to the side of the street in a bicycle lane in a part of town with a low amount of traffic. I also asked Carol to watch my back in case a driver somehow missed seeing the model & me.

The “Great" "Problem” was the wind. I say “Great” because without the wind I would have never been able to have this image with the steam swirling around the model. The “Problem” was most of the shots just did not work due to the steam being blown out of the shot or totally enveloping the model or me or the both of us.

12-11-2012 - Every good Advertising Professional Photographer creates personal work. This is where we go out & photograph something just because. "Because" can be we're testing a new idea, because something caught our eye, because we the liked the moment, because the wind changed direction - but really... any "Because" will do. Take a look at these images of the inside of a hard drive.

11-20-2012 - This Cowboy Advertising Image was one of a series shot for a client needing some stagecoach imagery. It was shot just outside of Scottsdale, AZ in an area called Rio Verde, about 3-4 miles off of Dynamite road. I learned a lot on this project. The location was somewhat restricted in it's size. What most people do not realize is a full sized Concord stagecoach with a 6 up team, as you see it here, from the noses of the lead horses to the end of the rear wheels is 50 feet long (15.25 meters). I had photographed stagecoaches in Southeast Wyoming, but there I had wide open spaces on rolling green grass hills. On this location I had huge rocks that were 35-40 feet (7-8 meters) high for 100 feet (30 meters) or more. I had smaller rocks that if hit running wide open would either destroy a wheel, turn over the stage, or both.

I had to adjust to this size and limited space quickly. I asked Red, the driver & owner of the stage, if he could run the horses straight down between 2 large rocks, then turn to the left & then back to the right. On both sides there were rocks and if he did not turn correctly the team would run into a rock wall or flip. Red looked and said, "Yes". I said, "Great" and commenced to climb a rock. I wanted to be sure I was in the perfect spot to photograph the wreck. After I was in place, checked to be sure I had a fresh rolls of 36 exposure film loaded in all 6 of my camera bodies, I hollered to Red, "ACTION!" - Go here to see the photo & read the rest.

10-10-2012 This Advertising Fashion Image was shot just outside of Milan, Italy on an abandoned farm.

8-16-2012 - This Cowgirl flavored Fashion Editorial image was shot inside a B&B in the Buckhead part of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

8-6-2012 - This Advertising Cowboy image was shot a little after 6 am on a ranch on the Western Slope of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. I was on this location for 2 weeks and when I first arrived all of this vegetation was gray or brown due to a drought. Shortly after arriving it either rained or was solid overcast every afternoon and caused just about everything to really green up. This was the last day I was able to shoot before returning to Denver and then home. This photo was shot a few minutes after sunrise but a mountain behind the cowboy is blocking the direct light and will for another 20-25 minutes.

7-31-2012 - This Advertising Beauty Image was shot near Wolcott, Colorado. I had scouted for this project for a couple of days on a ranch to find several locations that were close enough to allow fast changes in backgrounds by packing up the 4 wheel drive & driving a short distance.

7-30-2012 - This Cowboy Advertising Image was shot at about 6:30 am on a ranch on the Western Slope of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

6-27-2012 - In Advertising Fashion Photography, helping the customer make money is, for me, a top priority. This particular shoot is about helping a client re-brand themselves. They wanted to have a photo to allow them to be noticed in the clutter of magazine ads with other competitors.

Asking questions of the client will get you a good idea of what they think they want. They likely do not know what they want so it will be up to you to decide how to execute the shot. The client showed me a series of images they liked. One was a shot of a woman with a bag on their head. A bit out of the ordinary but not a real statement that they said they wanted. This is a company I have been shooting for since 2007 and all of their promotions had been nice, well executed images, which is what they wanted. They are now re-branding the company as a very high end handbag line and need to make a real statement to garner attention they need. One of these bags will retail in the 6000 Euro range. (About $8000 made from a ultra high grade Alligator hide.)

2-12-2012 - On my recent trip to NYC I was able to shoot with a couple of actors. The first one was Gary Swanson, a veteran actor with a great look and attitude and very comfortable in his skin. Gary was born in Queens and has lived & worked both in NYC as well as in LA.

12-26-2011 - This Editorial Aircraft Image was shot at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson, inside Delta's MRO facility.

12-22-2011 - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Go here to look.

11-21-2011 - Added a new "How I Shot It" - A Fashion Image shot in Milan

10-17-2011 - This Fashion Image was shot in Zingst, Germany inside a huge old DDR (East German) dairy cow barn.

10-3-2011 - This Advertising Fashion Lingerie Image shot was on a Milan, Italy sidewalk. The brick wall, which at the time it was built, in the 1500's, surrounded an Italian farmhouse. It sits about 3 miles from the center of Milan.

9-28-2011 - This Advertising Fashion Lingerie Image shot was in a Milan, Italy building undergoing renovations. Shot with a Canon Professional Digital Camera set at 1/60 second, f4.5, at 500 ISO in RAW mode with an 16-35mm Canon zoom lens set at 16mm & processed in Photoshop CS6 Beta. The light is a combination of strobe and daylight coming through the large glass door on the right.

9-25-2011 - This Advertising Lingerie Image shot was in a Milan, Italy hotel room. It is a combination of daylight & incandescent using a Sunbounce reflector off to the right of the camera.

9-5-2011 - Just added a new page to my solutions-to-problems section.

8-30-2011 - Just updated the video page with new stuff.

8-24-2011 - This video project was shot in Milan, Italy in front of the Duomo (Milan's main cathedral & the second largest in the world). Our client wanted to show his prospective clients a behind the scenes look what was involved in setting up a Saverino & Partners light show as well as a sense of scale that his projects could encompass. The equipment you see being set up are high intensity projectors that project the images on film onto the walls of the surrounding buildings. You can see what the final show looked like if you go here.

8-23-2011 - This Advertising Fashion Image was shot in Milan, Italy on the second floor of an old apartment building.

7-8-11 - This personal image was shot at night in Miami Beach from a friend's condo balcony on the 18th floor or so. (I shot this a while back so I'm not positive about the floor level). I was waiting for my friend to finish some work because I was driving them to the airport. So I grabbed a camera & started to play by shooting cars as they passed by using a long shutter speed to get a blur. I knew that getting this type of photo to "work" meant shooting a lot of images & literally hoping I got one that really did work.

6-1-2011 This personal project is a time lapse video of of a rain storm was about 2 hours before sunset. It was so dark the streetlights turned on & went out when it started to get light again. You can tell when they went out by the vast color change, about 8 seconds into the video. This was shot from the balcony of my hotel room on Via Tortona on at the Porta Genova bridge. Both the Porta Genova train station & the metro station are on the other side of the bridge explaining the volume of foot traffic. Please note: This is a video and is a large file, so depending on your download speed, you may need to wait for a while before it starts to play.

2-18-11 - This Advertising Fashion Image was shot in Nesso, Italy on Lake Como. We drove from Milan to this village on the lake and parked in the main square. I got out to scout while my styling crew dressed Gabby, who is one of the best models I have ever shot... just stunning. Her wardrobe is by INC (International Concepts).

2-13-11 - Branding is important to most companies around the world, large or small. Sports teams, news organizations, artists, car dealerships, lawyers, cell phone companies, airlines, resorts, writers et cetera all want and need branding. Part of what I do for my clients is branding through my vision & my photography.

Late last year I was asked to photograph an American writer, Jack Ketchum. He is based in NYC close to Central Park and I had shot with him 2 years before. My challenge is to shoot this person & make him "Look the part". Jack is a writer of horror but in person is real pleasant & fun to be around, so some work was in order to make him look evil. Another issue was the constraint of time. Jack could not meet before 1:30 pm & I had to leave for the airport at 3:30 pm. By the time the cab found the address & I was knocking on his door it was close to 2 pm. So I had 75 minutes to shoot & that included walking back from Central Park to the writers apartment to have him change clothes & walk back to a bar to shoot the last few images. In real time, I shot for 59 minutes & I shot 327 photos, or an average of 5½ shots per minute. Go here to read the rest.

1-28-11 - This Cowboy Image was one of a series of cowboys in the snow images shot in Colorado. We are heading back to the ranch after shooting. I'm riding & holding the camera over my head to shoot this image.

1-23-11 - This Cowboy Advertising Image was one of a series of cowboys in the snow images shot in Colorado. I had seen this location, in general, not this exact spot, years ago but did not know how to get here, just today did I discover how to get here... on horseback.

12-25-10 - This Cowboy Advertising Image was one of a series shot on this cold snowy day in Clarke, Colorado. We arrived around 7 in the morning, loaded up the gear & drove to the top of a trail in a couple of 6 wheel drive Polaris "Mules". We then unloaded the photography gear, the wardrobe, the props and cowboy hats and commenced to shoot for about 5+ hours. The temperature was about 5-10 degrees F (-15C) and this location is in the 8500 feet range (2600 meters), so the air was thin. This shoot was for the Larry Mahan division of the Milano Hat Company in Dallas, Texas. Within the 5+ hours we were there we had solid overcast skies, then sunshine and some heavy snow showers, it is very unusual to have all of this in one day much less in 5 hours.

11-12-10 - This Aircraft Image was shot at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson, the world's busiest airport and one of the very few with 5 runways. This is an example of being in the right place at the right time and know what to do. It had just finished raining, the storm clouds moved out to allow the sunshine in and all of the elements to shoot a great image were there.

11-9-10 - Stazione Centrale is the main train station in the heart of Milan, to me it is a stunning architectural structure and is a juxtaposition in that it is mostly masculine in showing massive strength but parts of it are feminine in the curves and arches of it's steel skeleton.

Since I first saw the station in 1985, when I lived in Como, I was in awe of the size and beauty of this edifice. Most of the people who live in Milan who grew up seeing this station hardly give it a second look and every time I pass by I enjoy looking at it. I have shot the station on & off for years, first in 1985. On my trip in June I set out to shoot the station in earnest. About 20 minutes into my photo safari I was stopped by an official saying I had to get permission. "From whom", I asked & the reply was the police. So I went to the police and they said no, you need to go to customer service who said no you must go the station office who said no you must ask Rome. So I sent off an e-mail to Rome without any reply, all 6 of them went unacknowledged. On my last day in Milan in October, it was a cold, wet, dark, foggy, miserable Sunday and I decided I was going to shoot again at the station. I grabbed one camera with one lens, I added a neck strap, something I almost never use, left the tripod & camera bag at home & went to the station. I shot for 3 hours just walking around shooting photos looking like some cowboy tourist. Nobody said "No" this time and 1100+ photos later I went home, finished packing & left the next morning for Atlanta.

Most of my work is in color, and initially I was going to show this in color with a blue tint as it was when I shot most of these images. But as I worked on the first image I decided to see what it would look like in B&W. I liked most of the images much better in B&W than the color images. Some of the exterior images, to me, are impressive in color & B&W so I used both. If you go to the still images I have included other images not seen here plus, on some of the exterior images, both the color & B&W versions.

11-4-10 - While I was waiting in the main train station in Milan, Stazione Centrale di Milano or Milano Centrale, I commenced to wander around a bit shooting. This B&W toned image of a floor drain was shot during my foray. I found it interesting that such a mundane object would garner such effort in design & construction. My guess is this was made in 1930 or 1931. To me it shows the lengths the Italians will go for the sake of design & beauty. All of the pieces of steel were cut & then assembled and carefully welded into position.

10-31-10 - This Cowboy Image was one of a series of Longhorn cattle drive images shot in Colorado. I had seen this location the day before while scouting for another project and set up the shoot the next morning.

10-29-10 - This "In the Water" Lifestyle image was taken at sunrise near Hollywood. The biggest problem was the rip current which kept moving us off shore. I noticed how fast we moved off the beach & said, "Rip tide, get back close the the beach". The next issue was the size of the waves, with every set we would float up & settle back down 3-6 feet (1-2 meters) towards the ocean. This type of photography is the most difficult I have ever shot. Not only do you have to frame the image, focus the image, expose the image with constantly changing light due to clouds and the rising sun, I also have models moving in different directions, I have waves breaking over me, the camera gear inside the housing which is designed for neutral buoyancy underwater but is heavy out of the water, as in these photos. Plus dealing with the wind and the current. Another problem is the very short time window where the light is perfect, about 25 minutes. I normally meet the models about 45 minutes before sunrise. This way I can pick the swimsuits and have the models get to know each other before shooting. Plus in case traffic is bad they will still get there in time to shoot in perfect light.

10-23-10 - This Fashion Editorial style Image was shot near Marina del Rey (Los Angeles) and was part of a video project shot by a German crew on me. Every 2 years the world's largest camera show is held in Cologne, Germany. About 180,000+ people attend from more than 160 countries. In the second largest venue (the largest was Canon's) there was an event called the "Leading Photographers of the World" and the producer had invited 5 International photographers to speak covering a range of types of photography: wedding, fashion, advertising, rock & roll and on Saturday, swim wear & lingerie. I was invited to speak about Fashion. The reason the video crew was in LA to shoot me & my crew is the "Leading Photographers of the World" wanted to hand out DVD's of all 5 photographers and have both an interview and how all of shot our work. They give the DVD's to attendees of the venue after the photographers spoke, which was 3 times a day. There were thousands of DVD's handed out and I have received e-mails from some of these people thanking me for sharing how I shoot.

The rest of the story is, I was in Milan, Italy and flew to LA via NYC to shoot this project & after a 28 hour day I finally got to bed in LA. My 2 checked bags missed the connection in NYC so I did not have all of my gear when we shot the first day. So we had to shoot a couple of shots the next day too and this image is from the second day.

10-21-10 - This Advertising Travel Image was shot in Bellagio, Italy on Lake Como. I went there to shoot the town & a hotel. Really a great location.

10-15-10 This Beauty Image of Esther was shot on stage at Photokina, the world's largest camera show. I was one of 5 International photographers invited to speak at "The Leading Photographers of the World" venue. Photokina is where most of the camera manufacturers announce their newest products & the press coverage is amazing. They had 170,000 people attend this event over 5 days from dozens of countries from all over the globe.

9-2-10 - This Travel and Resort Advertising Image was shot at O'Canonico in Sorrento, Italy, which is my favorite restaurant anywhere. As I sit here typing this out I am trying hard to think of any other restaurant where the food is better & I just can't. There are certainly some in NYC, Miami Beach and LA that come very close. One of the main reasons the food is just wonderful is the location, across the Gulf of Naples from Mount Vesuvius, which over the last several millennia, has erupted many times and in the course of these, have violently belched & spewed nutrient rich volcanic ash over the entire region. As a result the local people can grow food here that you just can't get anywhere. Also most of the food is grown locally by hand, you can't really use machinery due to the terrain. Planted by hand, picked & packed by hand & travels just a few miles instead of hundreds or thousands of miles as is does in the USA. The food is grown for it's flavor instead of how well it looks after it has traveled thousands of miles by train & truck. This image was shot at O'Canonico in Sorrento, Italy, which is my favorite restaurant anywhere. As I sit here typing this out I am trying hard to think of any other restaurant where the food is better & I just can't. There are certainly some in NYC, Miami Beach and LA that come very close. One of the main reasons the food is just wonderful is the location, across the Gulf of Naples from Mount Vesuvius, which over the last several millennia, has erupted many times and in the course of these, have violently belched & spewed nutrient rich volcanic ash over the entire region. As a result the local people can grow food here that you just can't get anywhere. Also most of the food is grown locally by hand, you can't really use machinery due to the terrain. Planted by hand, picked & packed by hand & travels just a few miles instead of hundreds or thousands of miles as is does in the USA. The food is grown for it's flavor instead of how well it looks after it has traveled thousands of miles by train & truck.

7-30-10 - This Fashion still & video project was shot in the middle of an Interstate interchange in Atlanta.

7-20-10 - This Advertising Beauty image was taken in the Milan apartment using sunlight only. I had the model lean towards me while she was sitting on the floor.

7-10-10 - This Advertising Travel and Resort Image is in Sorrento, Italy. This breakfast area overlooks Marina Grande, a small fishing village in Sorrento. This was shot early, about 6 am and the staff had just finished setting the tables.

5-24-10 - This Aircraft Image was shot at Sky Harbor in Phoenix. I arrived at the airport about 45 minutes before sunrise, had to wait for the security man to arrive, move all of my gear from my car to the back of his pick up truck, drive through a check point & as soon as I was in position, at 7:25 am, I started shooting. This image was shot 11 minutes later and was one of many great images I shot that morning.

5-17-10 - This still & video Advertising Fashion project was shot in the middle of an Interstate interchange in Atlanta.

4-27-10 - This Fashion Advertising project was shot in an alley behind an old industrial factory (Civil War Era) turned into an art complex. Below the photo there are 2 buttons so you can see a behind the scenes video and several different treatments of the photo.

4-6-10 - This Fashion & Beauty project was shot in a private home in Milan, Italy. For make up the model is wearing mascara & lipstick.

4-2-10 - This Advertising Fashion Image was taken as part of a project for a fashion client in Colorado on a cold winter afternoon. This was the 5th set up of this session and even though was shot during the day, is illuminated primarily by strobe light. This allowed us to control the light direction, fall off and quality. By doing this we are able to deliver an engaging image that makes people stop & look, something important in branding of a single product or a wide range of products made or licensed under a common brand name.

3-27-10 - This Fashion Image was taken in a studio in Nashville, TN where we were shooting a series of images for a client. On every project my producer always keeps a watchful eye on the styling crew to make sure there are no delays and to help solve any problems that may come up. In doing this it insures that the work keeps flowing and as a result we were 30 minutes ahead of schedule. My producer had also structured a staggered model schedule to help hold down costs to the client, so I did not have the other models needed to keep shooting and lunch had not been delivered as yet.

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