Fashion in Bel Air

This image was shot in Bel Air, California about 10-20 minutes after sunset & I’m using the modeling lights from 2 Lumedyne battery powered strobe systems for additional lighting. One head is in a FourSquare 30″x30″ travel softbox, which is pressed up against the opened car door with the window rolled down and the other head is directly in front of the car aimed at the model. I’m shooting with the new Canon 5D MKIII set on 2500 ISO, 1/40 second shutter speed, using a 16-35 Canon zoom lens set at 16mm & f2.8.

This new Canon camera body has a great auto focus system that actually works about 95% of the time, a HUGE improvment over the 5D MKI & MKII.

The jacket, an Alan Michael USA creation, is made from leather with fish skin trim which sounds really strange but is really an interesting combination.

Custom Guitar Company Shoot

Custom Guitar Company - an ascoustic guitar in the building process.
This apparatus allows holding an unfinished guitar body in a vise without damaging the delicate wood body. The builder uses this devise to position the guitar body to allow them to add wood structure elements to what is the interior of the guitar body. At this point of the construction the builder is cutting and shaping small wood pieces to add strength to the body. After cutting and shaping these parts they will then use a guitar glue that is specially formulated to not dampen the sound made by the instrument.

The round wood pegs that you can see going around the outside of the guitar body, have a threaded metal stud in the bottom, which is held in place by a wingnut, this allows the builder to remove these pegs selectively when they need to glue in something to the body of the guitar. By being able to just remove a peg or two, they still have most of the other pegs in place to hold the guitar body.