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Fashion, Beauty & Portrait Imagery, Commercial Advertising Photographer, Atlanta, GA Commercial Director

Award Winning Advertising Fashion Imagery, Atlanta, GA Commercial Photographer, and Commercial DirectorAward Winning Advertising Beauty Imagery, Atlanta, GA Commercial Photographer, and Commercial DirectorAward Winning Advertising Portrait Imagery, Atlanta, GA Commercial Photographer, and Commercial Director

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Fashion, Beauty & Portraits Fashion, Beauty & Portraits

I love to shoot these types of images. When I get to shoot some really great Fashion, it is so wonderful to be able to create some stirring fashion images. To shoot Beauty imagery is a lot of fun too. To make a good looking woman really come alive, how much fun is that? Shooting Portraits allow me to work the light or take advantage of the existing light and take some photographic risks.

Fashion, Beauty & Portraits

For Photographers

The Challenges, other than the light, which is always central:
For fashion photography it is getting the great wardrobe then getting a great model. Your styling team: Make up artist, hair stylist and the wardrobe stylist are all really important.

For beauty photography, again finding a great model and styling crew. Beauty allows your make up artist really shine as it is a close up of the model's face.

For shooting portraits, finding a great face and working out how to shoot at it's best.
Fashion, Beauty & Portraits

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