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Cowboy Imagery, Atlanta, GA Commercial Photographer, Atlanta, GA Commercial DirectorCowboy, Atlanta, GA Commercial Photographer, Atlanta, GA Commercial Director

Cowboy Imagery, Atlanta, GA Commercial Photographer, Atlanta, GA Commercial DirectorCowboy Imagery, Atlanta, GA Commercial Photographer, Atlanta, GA Commercial Director

Award Winning Cowboy Imagery, GA Commercial Photographer, Atlanta, GA Commercial DirectorAward Winning Cowboy Imagery

Award Winning Cowboy Imagery Western Lifestyle imagery

Cowboy imagery is a lot of fun and hard work. I've been known to get up early (3 am) grab some breakfast, get on a horse, ride for 3 hours in the dark then shoot what I came for at sunrise for 30-45 minutes then ride back.

Safety is my main concern when shooting this type of imagery, for the rider, the horse and some very nice and well meaning city slicker client that wanders behind a horse not paying attention to where they are in relation to the horse's rear legs, AKA the danger zone (This after I have given all of them a stern warning about the dangers of being around livestock and in the wrong circumstances ). So far no one has been seriously injured.
Award Winning Cowboy Imagery

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The Challenges:
The hardest part when you first start to shoot mounted cowboys is understanding the horse is not a machine. If you run the horse you need to give it time to recoup it's energy and slow down it's breathing. Only then is it safe for the horse, the rider and you if you are shooting close the the running horse, to run again.

Speaking of safe, you need to pay attention where you are in relation to any horse around you. From time to time they will kick and you do not wish to be on the wrong end as you can get hurt at best and dead at the worst.

If you drive into a field where horses and/or cows are, be sure to close the doors and run the windows all the way up. The windows up serve two reasons. 1 - It keeps curious animals from sticking their heads in and 2 - It keeps the flies out. You would be amazed at just how many flies you will collect inside your car on a hot day. I'm not talking just dozens of flies, but maybe hundreds.

As for the doors, cows are curious and you do not want one of them poking it's head into your car because you left the door open. If for some reason you forget, and some cow gets hung up on your door and panics, thinking the car is some other animal that is trying to eat it, bad things are going to happen. Remember they have the power to remove the door, or at least make it so you will have to find a length of rope to tie the now newly deformed door almost shut.
Award Winning Cowboy Imagery

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