Steve Thornton

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Top did not fit well.
Jeans were tight causing a crease.
Circles under the eyes.
The underexposure needed to hold detail in the white tones.
Boots not the right color or luminosity.
Zipper pull showing on the RH boot
In the lower LH corner, part of the floor shows, distracting to the eye


Reshaping of garments.
Global exposure correction.
Global color correction.
Local color corrections.
Local exposure corrections.


This was shot in a private home near San Diego, CA for a boot designer. I'm on a ladder shooting down and the scene was lit with strobes.

For Photographers

The Gear:
Canon digital camera set to 400 ISO and using 1/160 second shutter speed with a
Canon 28-70mm zoom lens set to 68mm and f4

The Light:
Dynalite strobes bounced off of ceiling.

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