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Photographic Problem Solving

Just about every project will have some level of problem or challenge. Below show how some of these can be addressed. We always want everything perfect, however like the rest of life, perfect is tough. My first choice is to get the image in camera, meaning shoot the perfect shot not needing any "Help". And we mostly get this. However almost every image can use some level of "Help".

Fashion and Beauty Imagery

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Fashion and Beauty Imagery


As a photographer I will take the time to make the shoot get as close to perfect as I can, but sometimes things go wrong. Also through no one's action things happen. A model's face breaks out the morning of the shoot, a bad hair day, the wardrobe does not fit the model quite correctly. Some of these I will tell the client and the styling crew, "Do not spend as lot of time on "this", I'll fix it in post". The reason? "This" may take 20 minutes to fix on set, and 3 minutes for me to fix "This" in post production. I would prefer to spend the time on set shooting. Now if this is a video shoot and I know via experience that "This" is a nightmare to fix in post, then I give the styling crew the time they need. Below are a few examples of what we can do.

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