Video Director and Photographer, Lifestyle, Children
Video Director and Photographer, Lifestyle, Children

Steve Thornton, Fashion Photography

About the Video

These lifestyle images & video of children in yellow leaves was shot in Atlanta, Georgia USA. I have been shooting at, under and in this same Ginkgo tree on and off for 23 years late in the fall.

This project was shot 9 days before the first day of Winter. I was going to shoot on Wednesday the 7th but the children were a bit sick, Friday the weather was going to be very cold. I had driven by the tree on Saturday to see if the leaves were still there, I was concerned the city would rake them up. The leaves were still there and about half of the leaves were still on the tree. That night and Sunday it rained hard. On Monday we met to shoot and all of the leaves were off of the tree. Perfect timing!

When shooting with young children you need to be ready to take the photo instantly because the action and expression will never be repeated. Once it is gone it is just that... gone.

Steve Thornton, Fashion Photography

For Photographers

The Gear:
Canon cameras set from 320 to 2500 ISO and using shutter speeds from 1/60 to 1/2000 second using a
Nikon 50mm f1.8 lens set to f1.8 and an
85mm Sigma f1.4 lens, all hand held.


Steve Thornton, Fashion Photography

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