Behind the Scenes - Fashion Imagery - Steve Thornton - Atlanta, GA - Milan, Italy
Behind the Scenes - Fashion Imagery - Steve Thornton - Atlanta, GA - Milan, Italy

Steve Thornton Advertising Photography

About the Video

Steve was hired to teach photo workshops in Zingst at the photo festival they have every June. While there he decided to shoot portraits on the Mayor, and other prominent people in town. Steve has been shooting in this location for years so he knew what to bring and what to expect. The "Problems" with this location were: The constant wind, the cold temperate and the mayor's inexperience bring in front of the camera.

The wind was mostly mitigated by using the Sunbounce "Wind Killer", which is the black mesh stretched on the frame on the mayor's right side, your left.
The cold: In looking at the video you will see on the left of the mayor, Steve's lead assistant, Emiliano holding the mayors coat. Anytime Steve was not shooting we had the mayor put it on.
The inexperience is something Steve is very used to dealing with and was able to work through this by direction.

Make Up/Hair stylist, Julija Stoffersen
Photo crew
Lead assistant, Emiliano Leonardi
Adrian Jankowski, BTS video

Steve Thornton Photography

For Photographers

The Gear:
Canon camera, 160 ISO, 1/25 second shutter speed with a
Canon 200mm f2 lens set to f7.1


Sunbounce Pro reflector,
Sunbounce Wind-Killer,
Broncolor battery powered strobe,
Gitzo CF tripod,
Slik ball head,

Steve Thornton Photography

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