Behind the Scenes - Fashion Imagery - Steve Thornton - Atlanta, GA - Milan, Italy
Behind the Scenes - Fashion Imagery - Steve Thornton - Atlanta, GA - Milan, Italy

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About the Video

A Behind The Scenes video of a fashion photography shoot inside a tunnel close to Blevio, Italy on Lake Como. We went here to shoot because it started to rain and I remembered this location. This used to be part of the road that runs around the lake. As you can see it is narrow and some times a bus going one way met a big truck driving the other way and both would not fit at the same time, causing a huge traffic mess. I know this because I have sat in several of them living in Como and driving in the country side. Fortunately they dug a very large and wide tunnel and this was not needed so it is now closed on one end so only bicycles or foot traffic is permitted to pass through.

Steve Thornton Photography

For Photographers

The Gear for the images:
A Canon camera using a
Sigma 85mm f1.4 lens.

The Light:
2 Lumedyne lightweight battery powered strobe systems, one using a
FourSquare 30x30x "Travel" softbox and a
LightTools 40° grid and the second
Lumedyne lightweight battery powered strobe had a reflector attached used to help separate the model from the background and help give the rocks definition.

Steve Thornton Photography

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