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This fashion editorial style video was shot in Littlerock, CA late in the day using a mix of daylight and artificial light. The artifical light was from a 500 watt lamp that allows one to focus the light either into a spot or a flood. This look took 24 minutes to shoot both stills and video. Most of the delay was spent setting up the jib.

For Photographers

The Gear:
Canon 5D MKIII camera using the
Canon 14mm "L" lens and a
Canon 24-70mm "L" zoom lens. The settings were 1/50 second at f6.3 - f9.1 using 100 & 160 ISO
Gitzo Carbon Fiber tripods
Sachtler fluid head
Carbon Fiber Jib

Lowel Omni light with a 500 watt bulb focused to "spot".
Sunbounce Pro reflector the white side with a
Sunbounce Boomstick & Grip head holding the reflector up.


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