Caseificio - Cheese factory in Sorrento di Piano
Caseificio - Cheese factory in Sorrento di Piano

Steve Thornton, Fashion Photography

About the Video

This project was shot for an Italian client whose tourism company is based in Sorrento, Italy. This was shot inside Caseificio Scala - the direct translation is "Scala Cheese Factory", which is located in the town of Piano di Sorrento, Italy. This project took about 4 hours to unload, setup, shoot, pack and reload the gear in the van. Steve & his crew worked non-stop the entire time they were there. One of the observations Steve made was the large amount of water used in the process as well as rinsing everything continuously.

The imagery of the hanging cheese was shot in the underground cave below the building. One of the clear advantages in shooting imagery in the cave, versus in the factory, which was 100% illuminated by fluorescent lights, was the ability for Steve turn off the one fluorescent fixture and then to put his light where he wanted it to be, at the height he wanted, pointed in the direction he wanted and at the distance he wanted. For this series of imagery a single 1000 watt DP light was used. Prior leaving the USA Steve had bought a complete set of 220 volt lamps (bulbs) plus spares, for all of his video light fixtures, also known as hot lights. You turn on a 1000 watt Halogen light and use it for more than 20 minutes, you will find out really quick why they are called hot lights. For this reason Steve travels with heavy gloves for safety in case he, or his crew, needs them.

In addition to moving the light to control the look of the scene, Steve changed his POV (Point of View) by moving the camera as well as changing the focal length of the lenses he used.

Periodically a small truck would drive up, one of a dozen local dairy farmers making a fresh milk delivery. One of the factory workers would go outside to help the farmer unload the Stainless Steel milk transport cans. These looked to be about 12 gallons (45 liters) in capacity. The entire factory work crew was moving continuously. When Steve and his crew arrived at 6:45 am, the factory crew was loading a small truck going to the island of Capri and they were hurrying to give the driver time to make it to the ferry before it left to make his deliveries to restaurants and stores on the island.

Steve Thornton, Fashion Photography

For Photographers

The Gear:
Canon 5D MKIII cameras using 640 ISO with
Canon 16-35mm, 24-70mm zoom lenses and a Canon 85mm prime lens,
Gitzo CF tripod,
Sachtler Fluid Head,
SmallHD monitor.


Steve Thornton, Fashion Photography

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