Triple G Outfitters and Guides, Wolcott, CO
Triple G Outfitters and Guides, Wolcott, CO

Steve Thornton, Fashion Photography

About the Video

Steve was in Wolcott, Colorado shooting some winter cowboy imagery. His day started at 5:30 am when the "Check for clouds" alarm goes off. Getting out of bed, dressing just enough to walk outside in the 3° (-16° C) weather to see if the weather forecast was correct or totally wrong. This morning the forecast held and there no need to send out the dreaded "The shoot is cancelled due to weather" text messages. The evening before Steve had stacked all of the gear close to the door as to make sure nothing was left in the frenzy of packing the four wheel drive truck and driving on a mix of snow, ice and cold asphalt. After putting on a pair of wool socks, and installing a set of "Toasty Toes" in his snow boots he puts in the large sized hand warmers in his ski gloves (Steve does not ski, but found this pair of ski gloves that had a pouch to put the hand warmers into in Aspen many years ago). He then tied a silk wild rag around his neck, pulled on his ski pants and coat and stepped out once again into the brisk pre-dawn air noticing that there was the faintest hint of pre-dawn sunlight to the east.

The two cowboys and Steve loaded into the truck at 6 am to drive to the ranch. There the cowboys called in the herd, picked the 3 mounts needed and tacked them up to ride. 2 of these were for the cowboys to ride, the third one was for Steve, who was assembling the cameras and monitors for the shoot. At this point it was about 5° (-15° C) and the still air finally started to move into about a 5 MPH (8 KPH) wind. Steve drove the truck close to the location and the cowboys brought his horse and tied it off in case it was needed. They all piled into the truck to stay warm until the sun was close to hitting on the location. 2 hours later they were done... time to eat breakfast!

Steve Thornton, Fashion Photography

For Photographers

The Gear:
Canon 5D MKIII camera set to 640 ISO with a
SmallHD monitor and hood attached, using a
Canon 24-70mm zoom lens,
Gitzo CF tripod with a
Sachtler fluid head.

The sun.

Steve Thornton, Fashion Photography

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